About us


OUR Beginning


In the fall of 2010, Marilyn Burdick recognized a need for a group to support those suffering from depression, bipolar, and a host of coexisting conditions that many people experience. She witnessed the devastating effects of watching several people in her church, lose their lives to suicide and decided to do something about it. She came in contact with the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and soon founded the John's Creek Chapter.

Marilyn loves to see people succeed, shows genuine care and concern for others, and has an infectious personality that makes you smile. She loves to give hugs and is an expert in making others feel comfortable and welcome.

We're sincerely grateful to Johns Creek United Methodist Church for supporting our group and providing space every week for our meetings.


DBSAlliance -www.dbsalliance.org-

Our Vision
DBSA envisions wellness for people living with depression and bipolar disorder.

Our Mission
DBSA provides hope, help, support, and education to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders.

Our Values

1. Community—DBSA creates the opportunity for meaningful lives by compassionately engaging with individuals and providing peer-led support groups, educational materials, and wellness tools that focus on resiliency, achievement, creativity, and connection.
2. Inspiration—DBSA celebrates peers’ accomplishments, including those of the many talented, successful individuals recognized by the public for their contributions to the world.
3. Wisdom—DBSA advances learning through research and experience while promoting a transformative understanding of mental health through wide, timely dissemination of information about the latest treatments, wellness practices, and lived experiences.
4. Responsibility—DBSA advocates for the right of peers to choose their own paths to mental, emotional, and physical wellness while promoting structures and practices that advance whole health and accessible care for everyone.


What's Different About DBSA


Peer-led: More than half of the DBSA staff and board members live with a mood disorder and all DBSA support groups are facilitated by peers.Targeted: DBSA focuses solely on depression & bipolar disorder.Nationally recognized: DBSA gets national recognition for Peer Specialist training services.Innovative: DBSA provides leading-edge, interactive online resources.Wellness-centered: DBSA informs, empowers, supports, and inspires individuals to achieve the lives they want to lead.